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  • One person or more, no reservation required. There is a cover charge of ¥700 in addition to the food and beverage.

  • We are a bar with a video game theme. It is not a place where you can play games. We do have some arcade games and licensed home video games, but we ask that customers who wish to play games bring their own.

  • Our standard business hours are from 7:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. If no one is here at midnight, we are closed. If you are running late, please call us and we will be open.

  • Please let our staff know if there are any games you are currently playing or have played in the past as a conversation starter.

  • Your own portable game consoles and smartphones are of course free to use. However, please keep the volume of your portable devices at a level that will not disturb other customers (lower than the background music in the store).

  • Please feel free to tell our staff, "I know this one! Please feel free to tell our staff if you recognize any of these items.

  • We do not allow customers to come here for the purpose of sleeping. Please use a nearby Internet cafe.

  • We may ask you to leave after warning you if you speak in a loud or inconsiderate manner that may disturb other customers.

  • We ask that you order a drink every 90 minutes.

  • Private rooms are reserved for groups. We can accommodate a minimum of two people, but we ask that you order a drink once every 90 minutes (because some people fall asleep...). We may ask you to move seats or share seats during busy times.

  • You are welcome to bring your own games. We may be able to accommodate even minor hardware, so please feel free to inquire.

  • We can also accommodate arcade game boards, as long as they are JAMMA standard, 15Khz, and have a standard control panel, we think we can handle them without a reservation. If you don't have a working environment at home, but would like to buy a board and check its operation, we can accommodate that as well.

  • Sound equipment and a 43-inch monitor are available in the private room. This room can be used for screenings, game competitions, mini DJ parties, etc. The use of the equipment is free of charge for the time being, as long as food and beverages are available. The room can accommodate about 10 people seated. Again, we ask that you order once every 90 minutes.

  • We may be able to open after hours depending on reservations and the number of people. We want to open off hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons! Please contact us if you would like to do so.

  • We can also accommodate rentals for filming, distribution, and interview locations (approx. 5,000 yen per hour outside of business hours. (Consult with us separately in a good sense during business hours). Please contact us for details.

For any other reservations or inquiries, please feel free to contact us at!

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